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Torque Converter Sprag (One Way Clutch)

For Volkswagen and Fitchel and Sachs applications including ZF 4HP18, 4HP22, 5HP24, and many others.

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Welcome to Tri Component

Tri Component has a 47 year reputation supplying the automatic transmission and torque converter industry with innovative, reliable and problem solving products. Our product line has been developed through years of research and market experience.

We, at Tri Component, have always had the interests of our customers as our main priority. We are happy to have the opportunity to offer you over 4 decades of experience in automatic transmissions, torque converters, high performance and antique parts.

We offer a large variety of replacement parts for the aftermarket, OEM, including torque converter impeller hubs, O-ring seals, turbine hubs, bearings, sprags, torque converter lining friction-rings (wafers) and lock-up clutches damper-pistons for the automotive, industrial and commercial applications at discount prices. We manufacture our lockup linings on premises and can provide you with any size to meet your requirements.

We appreciate you visiting our website and look forward to servicing you.

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