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  • Outer Dia: 2.61"
  • Inner Dia: 1.93"
  • Thickness: 0.46"
  • 22 Cams (part-ID F-295), 4 Outside Clips. The VC-6-1 Sprag compliments Tri's broad and expanding product line of Torque converter, transmission, sprags and roller clutches. The VC-6-1 is for Volkswagen and Fichtel and Sachs applications such as, the ZF 4HP18, 4HP22, 5HP24, and many other critical applications. It contains 22 cams and 4 outside clips. The sprag is available uniquely from Tri Component and was developed with OE manufactures for use in rebuilt units. Contact us to purchase these competitively priced problem solver sprags.
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VC-6-1P Sprag , Plastic Cage
  • Outer Dia: 2.61"
  • Inner Dia: 1.93"
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